Oracle Fund, founded in 2010, is an investment management firm specializing in investing with fundamental and technical factors. Our goals are capital preservation, above average returns over the long-term, and low correlation to the markets.

The flexibility of market timing enables us to attempt to optimize performance across market cycles. In addition to its funds, the Oracle Fund provides services for managed accounts.

The fund provides environmentally responsible investing and does not invest in coal, oil, and natural gas.

The firm operates as a partnership consisting of us as the general partner and the other partners of the Firm. It is our core belief that this structure fosters a collaborative environment dedicated to long-term performance, as it ensures alignment between the partners and our investors.

As an organization, the Oracle Fund relies on  fundamental and technical research within sectors where we have expertise, and encourages teamwork by incentivizing collaboration and idea sharing. All of our strategies are focused on compounding gains over the long-term.